"There’s a new sheriff in town"

There’s a new sheriff in town
Posted on 09/01/2017
New School Resource Officer Hamilton is ready to protect and serve the students of Burroughs High School.

At the end of last year, Burroughs’ resource officer, Officer Franco, was reassigned to a new part of the city. This year Burroughs High School is welcoming Officer Edward Hamilton as the new high school on-campus police.

As an on-campus police officer, Hamilton is here to resolve fights and help deal with any bullying that is brought to administrative attention. He works to keep the students and staff safe so that they only have to focus on education.

“I'm looking forward to student success, making sure they get their education and can walk at graduation,” said Hamilton.

This is his third year as a resource officer for Sierra Sands. Before working at Burroughs, he was positioned mainly at Monroe, but also spent time at Murray and all the elementary schools.

He has been a police officer for twenty-one years, starting as a deputy-reserve officer with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department and Trona substation. Starting in 2001, he worked for the China Lake Police Department; then in 2008, he came to the Ridgecrest Police Department. This September will be his ninth year with them.

Former Burroughs resource officer, Officer Franco, exclaimed, “I feel very confident leaving my best friends and my kids in my partner's hands!”

She is confident that Officer Hamilton will be a great fit for the Burroughs family. Although she is sad to leave, she feels better doing so knowing that such capable hands are taking over her position.

“Officer Hamilton has been very helpful,” said Assistant Principal Carrie Cope. “He helps us when we ask and is knowledgeable about working with students.”

With the help of Officer Hamilton, the administrators are cracking down on trouble-makers. They want students to know that they take safety very seriously and will not tolerate students trying to jeopardize others’ safety

School is a place to learn; Officer Hamilton strongly believes in this and will do everything in his power to allow students and staff to focus on learning without safety concerns distracting them.