Homecoming Memories from Staff

Homecoming Memories from Staff
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My high school all celebrated together by wearing orange and black (our school colors) and our wrestling team dressed up like cheerleaders and led the school though our school song. 
Jon Martin
Flathead High School (2000)
Kalispell, Montana 

“The tug of war between the AP Trogs and the APEs, and the APEs winning.”
Tristan Kratz
Burroughs High School (1985)

“Homecoming in Texas is unlike homecoming in other states. In Texas, people make mums to give to their dates. The girls wear the mums to school on Friday and then to the game Friday night. Mums can cost hundreds of dollars, include cow bells, stuffed animals, flashing lights, and other decorations.” 
Mrs. Powers
Houston, Texas

“I think the best memory I have from Homecoming was being coerced into decorating a float. I did not want to go, but my friends talked me into it and I had a great time. I don’t remember who won the football game, I couldn’t tell you a thing about the dance, but I remember hanging out and decorating that float all night.”
Peter Marvin
Burroughs High School (2006)
“Each class used to decorate the inside of a hall as part of a class competition. Staying up late, here on campus, decorating D-hall my Senior year was a blast! The best part was seeing all the teachers getting involved too!”
Bethany Smosna
Burroughs High School (1998)

“I enjoyed hall decorating and float decorating. The football games and coronation were always fun, too.
Katie Wadley
Burroughs High School (2002)

“In Trona we do a car rally every night during the week throughout the town...blowing horns, screaming, and chanting Trona Cheers and the Bombfire on Friday nights after the homecoming coronation.” 
Sari Fleishauer 
Trona High School (1994)

“One of my fondest memories of Homecoming, during my senior year in high school, was being a Patriot Powder Puff cheerleader, where my male counterparts and I put on quite a show for those attending the Homecoming rally.
Mr. Bob Hope III
Orange Glen
High School (1974)
                             Escondido, CA                            

My senior year, I participated in everything I possibly could involved with homecoming and senior year. I have great memories of float building, participating in the rally (senior football players and cheerleaders did a performance), homecoming parade, spirit days. I had never participated in activities as much as senior year. It was amazing. 
Cody Pearce
Folsom High School (2004)
Folsom, CA

“Being part of the “Sennaids” a service group at our high school, along with being in the Honor Society and various other service groups I designed a homecoming float my senior year for the “Sennaids”. It was a big musical ‘drum” and the slogan on the float said “BEAT EM.”As we passed the home team stands we pretended we were playing the big musical drum shattering the paper covering the top, releasing hundreds of helium filled balloons into the sky. It was a surprise for everyone and a big success! It’s a fun and fond memory!”
Marcia Lynn Didtler
Nicholas Senn High School

We always had our homecoming near Halloween. Our dances were held at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Buena Park. The bonus was that we received free admission to the wax museum which was decorated for Halloween. The dances were memorable because of their location.
Dora Barnes
Gahr High School (1983)
Cerritos, CA

“Our school didn’t have a football team so Homecoming was more about the dance. I went with a group of friends to the dance and it was nice not having to worry about dates. We just had good fun. Our dances were held at hotel banquet halls which made it extra special.”
Janna Pearce
Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies (2000)
Reseda, CA

“I was ASB commissioner for special events, and homecoming was by far the biggest event of the year. Because I lived in San Diego, there was a large military community, so we went all out with the Marine Corps band performing and Navy SEALS parachuting onto the football field. It was crazy and fun! 
Rosemary Gilbert
Bonita Vista High School (1988)
Bonita, CA

“I never thought of the Homecoming traditions at my high school as being that special until I got married. My husband, a Burroughs graduate, celebrated Homecoming with me in Trona a few years ago, and he was amazed at the types of traditions we have. Every night of the week, the students participate in a car rally. Basically, any students who have a driver’s license load up their cars with as many other students as can fit, and drive through town honking their horns and encouraging the town to get into the Homecoming spirit. We also have a bonfire after the coronation, and a parade on Saturday morning before the Homecoming game. To me, these traditions were normal, but to him they were unique. It made me appreciate my high school experience in my small, quiet town a little bit more.”
Erin Austin
Trona High School (2004)