King of Hearts Crowned

King of Hearts crowned at annual dance
Posted on 01/26/2016
King Kleeger

On Saturday, January 23,  Burroughs High School hosted its annual King of Hearts Dance, culminating in the coronation of King of Hearts Steven Kleeger, accompanied by his date Sydney Siler. 
The decorations reflected the dance theme, "Under the Boardwalk." On the walls were carnival games and on the side was a small-scale Ferris wheel. 
Sophomore Class Vice President Jenny Weik said the dance was everything she expected and more.
“I was pleasantly surprised by the decorations and I think the rest of ASB was, too. The theme was a little tricky to work with, but in the end, I think we really nailed it," said Weik. "I’m not sure if the students appreciate the décor as much as I, Hayley, and Malia, but I really hope they do because we put in a lot of time and energy to make KOH special.
ASB Advisor Eileen Poole, who was in charge of the setup and KOH top ten, gave the event her stamp of approval.
“The dance was great; the decorations looked great, the students danced throughout the night," said Poole.
Pep Club sold cookies and soda at the dance, Pep Club Advisor  Carol Francis reported that it was a good success for their first time.
Some students expressed disappointment with the music. 
"The music that was used was really bad and had a lot of songs that people didn’t know, and just wasn’t as enjoyable as it has been in past dances," said Sophomore Autumn Tolbert. "The overall feel of the dance was great besides the music, and I enjoyed my time there with my date."
The triumphant Kleeger said the dance was fun but crowded. As for his crowning moment? 
“I feel the love, but everyone on top ten should have deserved to win.”