Student Bulletin

Student Bulletin
Posted on 12/15/2017

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           STUDENT BULLETIN 12/15/2017 



Free Chess Tournament – There is a free chess tournament tomorrow, Saturday, December 16th at Gateway Elementary School for all students, grades K-12.  Registration begins at 8:15am, and round one begins at 9:15am.  Everyone gets to compete in every round, and everyone gets an award at 12:30.  Students in the 9-12 section can choose their awards based on their performance: trophies, medals, gift cards.  In the class competition the sophomores have a slim one point lead over the freshman, followed by the seniors and the juniors.  For more information contact Mr. Morgan,


Attention Boy Tennis Players – Pre-season work-outs will begin after the winter recess for new and returning players.  No tennis experience is required and beginners are welcome.  Pick up the appropriate paper work from the athletic office and return it as soon as possible. 


FCA – Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets today (December 15) during lunch in M42.  Lunch will be provided.  See you there!


Drama Club – Calling all past and present Thespians!  Remember today (December 15) is the fall Thespian initiation ceremony at the PPAC from 3-5pm.  Please come by and support the new 21 inductees to Troupe #1683.  Hope to see you all there!


Strategy Club – Strategy Club is today (December 15) after school from 2:55 – 5:00pm.  We will be playing the usual game this week.


Birthday Cards – All birthday cards received are valid until the end of the semester, disregard the expiration dates!


King of Hearts Dance Guest Forms – Although February seems so far away, it’s really right around the corner.  The King of Hearts Dance is Saturday, February 3rd.  If Burroughs students want to bring a non-Burros student as their guest, a guest form is required.  Guest forms are available before school, at lunch or after school in the front office or Sherman Shack.  Guest forms are due by 12:30 pm on Wednesday, January 17th to the front office. 


Lost and Found – All lost and found items will be located outside the Multi-use room today and next week only during school hours.  Please stop by and see if you can find something you’ve lost.  After Thursday, December 21st, all items will be donated where needed. 


Happy Birthday –Alyssa Parish, Keelin Smith, Jeremy Ruiz Zamorano, Anthony Catlin-Turbett, Obed Chavez, and Alana Nagy!